15. 201. Vanishing Animals (16)

1. Who is the author of Vanishing Animals?
Ans:- Gerald Durell is the author of the essay 'Vanishing Animals'.

2. Write a few words about George Durell. 
Ans:- George Durell who was born in 1925 in India's Jamshedpur and died in 1995 was a British naturalist,  writer,  zookeeper,  conservationist and television presenter. 

3. What is the essay all about? 
Ans:- The essay is about some of the animals that face extinction.  It draws our attention to the fact that we humans are not making sincere efforts to preserve the disappearance of these animals. 

4. What animals do the author try to save? 
Ans:- The author tries to save animals like Pere David deer,  white tailed Gnus and others.  Pere David was discovered in China by Father David. The Gnus were slaughtered in South Africa for food.

5. Who were saved from extermination? 
Ans:- Some vanishing animals which were moved to Europe were saved from extermination. One example is Pere David deer discovered by a French missionary Father David in China. To him it was new to science. 

6. How did Father David find the rare deer? 
Ans:- Father David found that the deer was strictly protected.  Anyone caught harming or killing them would be sentenced to death. 

7. Who are the Tartars? 
Ans:- Tartars are one of the ethnic groups officially recognized by the peoples Republic of China. 

8. How did Father David obtain of the rare deer and why was it named after him? 
Ans:- The tartar guards were strict in protecting the rare deers.  Father David however managed to meet some guards who were either braver or poorer than the rest of the guards.  These guards obtained for him the deer skins which he victoriously shipped off to Paris. From the skins the Europeans realized that it was entirely a new animal. So to show their gratefulness and honour Father David who discovered it the animal was named after him.

9. What did the Europeans wanted after getting the skins of the new kind of deer's? 
Ans:- When zoos in Europe heard about this new kind of deer they wanted specimens for exhibition.  After much negotiations the Chinese authorities unwillingly permitted a few of the deers to be sent to Europe.

10. What are the critical issues in the essay? Discuss. 
Ans:-      The essay shows that there is a need for the preservation and conservation of different species of the animal world. The animals also have similar rights to live as do human beings and therefore we should not interfere with their world.
     Explosive human population has been a huge problem for the biological and zoological diversity of the world.  Many species have already become extinct from the earth and many are in the process of becoming extinct.  For ecological balance,  each species of plants and animals have a particular role to perform. And when one or more species among them become extinct then it causes ecological imbalances which can threaten our own existence. 
     Durell rightly points out that certain animals have become of more economic importance than others.  Efforts have been made nationally and internationally to safeguard such animals but creating awareness to conserve them is more important. Efforts of selective few will not show magical results in savings these animals.  People in general should come forward to safeguard them. Gerald Durell's films and writings are efforts to guide common man to save the vanishing animals.

11. Who discovered the Pere David deer?
Ans:- Father David discovered the Pere David. 

12. What is a white tailed gnu? 
Ans:- The white tailed gnu is a well built pony which was quite uncommon.

13. Which animals are referred to as extinct or on the verge of extinction?
Ans:- The animals which are referred to as extinct or on the verge of extinction are Pere David deer and White tailed gnu.

14. Which are the main points in 'Vanishing Animals' an essay by Gerald Durrell?
A:- The main points to the vanishing animal abouted as like..

1.The vanishing animal demand to the security but we can not given them. These issue create a unsefefull life. But we can not be imagin, because we are demand only a profit not a lose but we are not concert about the point will be the lose only themself. But we are not understand.

2. These situations are not be create but some time after our ancestor were done the effect fully work which create a problem a vanishing animal like that. That the situation will be coming soon when the animals fully vanish it is the point.

15. Who was Gerald Durell?
A:- Gerald Durell was a British naturalist, writer, zookeeper, conservationist and television presenter. He was born in Jamshedpur in British India. He lived from 1925 to 1995. 'Vanishing Animals ' has been written by him.

16. What is Pere David deer?
A:- Pere Davidvdeers were first discovered by a French missionary, Father David. He was a naturalist and had led Europe negotiate with the Chinese authorities to let a few of this deers to Europe. Europe named the deer after him to honour the missionary. This deer became extinct in China during the great floods of Peking in 1895. However, they remained available in Europe since 1865 due to Father David's endeavour, wisdom and love for animals.

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